Dear friends and colleagues,

Thank you very much again for your participation in the 12th International Bordetella symposium in Brussels. Thanks to your contribution, this symposium was a nice success. 

We have now received the agreement from several speakers to make their slides available to all the participants of the symposium, and you will find them on this web-site. Please keep them confidential, as they are only destined to the registered participants of the symposium. You will also find the abstract book in the electronic version for downloading. 

Finally, some news about the Bordetella Society. Seven members have been elected to the board by the Bordetella community. They are (in alphabetical order): 

  • F. Heath Damron
  • Kathy Edwards
  • Eric Harvill
  • Erik Hewlett
  • Tod Merkel
  • Kingston Mills
  • Peter Sebo. 

All have accepted to be a member of the board, and we wish to thank all the members cordially for having accepted. 
To these elected members, we add Rachel Fernandez, organizer of the next Bordetella symposium, and Camille Locht. 
Among the members of the board, Tod Merkel has been elected as the chair, and we sincerely congratulate him for that. We are sure he will be in contact with you soon. 

Thank you once more for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you again in a hopefully near future. 

 Kind regards,


Françoise Mascart
Camille Locht
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